American Gear

In the current political climate, wearing American gear is a bold act. Seems ridiculous that flying an American flag in front of your house, can piss off neighbors.

Wearing a MAGA hat can trigger a radical leftist to verbal abuse. Apparently they really have a problem with Making America Great Again.

And, of course, wearing any pro President Trump apparel makes you equivalent to a Fascist.

Don’t even think about celebrating free speech or gun rights. That’s for Deplorables and the great, uneducated and unwashed in the flyover states.

Welp. This is what we’ve come to after decades of public school brainwashing, and the gradual eroding of the bedrock of our fantastic experiment in the sovereignty of the individual: Judeo-Christian values and the family.

Of course you have to get your priorities straight, and your life in order number one. But, adding a little American Flag flair to your house, office, wardrobe, and outdoor events can help remind your friends, family, neighbors, and yourself that the United States is the greatest country and that we must not become complacent.

What I’m trying to say is proudly wear that American Flag cape socks for the children. For the future. For America! 🙂