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Fleccas Talks: Immigration Numbers

I love this video from Fleccas Talks. It presents great third-party data, which tells a very clear and compelling story about how destructive it is to open your borders to any and all immigrants without proper border security enforcement.

California, once Shangri La is rapidly becoming a hellhole. Hard Leftist, Globalist policies are taking the state down.

Here are the stats they reference, mostly from Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Immigration Stats

  • Government expenditures on illegal immigration totals $135 billion annually, while illegal immigrants only pay $19 billion in taxes.
  • In California, illegal immigrants and their children make up almost 11% of the population.
  • Illegal immigrants receive annually … $14.4 billion for education; $4.02 billion for healthcare; $792 million for public assistance; $4.44 billion for justice and law enforcement; $1.6 billion for general government services; $1 billion for auto insurance.
  • Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers over $25 billion in state and local expenses annually (this amounts to $2370 per legal California household).
  • California has the highest taxes in the nation.
  • 6 out of 7 of the least affordable cities in the U.S. are in California.
  • California is in massive debt: $1.3 trillion.

Non-Citizens are responsible for …

  • 22% of all murder
  • 18% of all fraud
  • 33% of all money laundering
  • 29% of all drug trafficking
  • 72% of all drug possession convictions

Also, I think the dude in the leather jacket was already woke. People in the comments are saying he’s red pilling himself before our very eyes. I disagree. Unless the dude is a handsome super genius, there’s no way he went from normie to woke in that short of time.

He had the emotional manipulation of the masses with heart-string tugging immigrant children stories figured out. And it’s so hard to fight against this. You look like a cruel, uncaring person, who’s probably a racist. Look at how vilified Ann Coulter is for warning us about the dangers of illegal immigration for years. Sure she likes to troll the Left for publicity, but she’s dead on with the facts and analysis of where untrammeled immigration leads.

Leather jacket also says …

“If the first interaction you have with America is a crime that’s not a good indicator of the way your relationship will be with America.”

And …

“It’s more unfair especially to people who have waited, who are undergoing the same pressures as the people who snuck in, but they’re waiting in line. ‘I went through all the same stuff. I’m starving. There’s rampant crime. There’s corrupt governments, and I came here too and I’ve been waiting, and you just cheated and cut in front of the line. And you say what about my family … well what about my family too?'”

You think he figured all that out with a few stats. Nah. 🙂