Deep State

Peter Strzok GoFundMe Going Wild

As of this writing Peter Strzok, the pompous traitor, who is the lynch pin of the coup d’etat of the duly elected United States President, Donald Trump, has over $405,000 pledged to him in his GoFundMe account.

Over 10,000 people have ponied up big time charitable dough in two days. It boggles my mind. This is not a good man. Evidence is starting to leak out that he has been in the middle of all sorts of dirty dealings for years. Many think he was a CIA plant into the FBI. He’s corrupt to the core, and when the rest of the text messages to Lisa Page come out, we’ll probably discover he, and perhaps many others were plotting to remove the President by any means necessary.

The lovers ruse is just a cover to keep thousands of messages out of the public eye. Hopefully, they’ll be released unredacted, so we can get a good look at what this sick cabal was really up to.

Strzok is the poster boy for the new-look 21st Century Banana Republic, dressed up in slick, East Coast elitism.

Yet, because he’s a prominent face of the “resist” movement, morons are showering him with cash to cover his legal bills, and his pain and suffering at the hands of those mean Congressmen, who were trying to get to the bottom of his malfeasance.

Andrew McCabe
Photo credit: Jacquelyn Martin (AP)

The first of these sham crowd funding clown shows was Andrew McCabe. He got fired for being an unscrupulous, evil, malicious apparatchik of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, posing as the Deputy Director of the FBI. This is the man that drives a sweet Porsche, and lives in a swank house, despite a modest public-servant salary. The McCabe, who’s wife, Jill, received $750, 000 from Terry McAuliffe to run for State Senate in Virginia (no really … it adds up to more than even Trump was quoting). She lost the battle, but won the war by most certainly pocketing the excess donations for the fam.

No way that was a payoff to good ol’ Andy for being a good soldier and covering up all the sordid shit the Clinton’s have been up to for decades.

Strzok Payola

Speaking of payoffs, I do have one other sneaking suspicion about this crowd funding phenomenon. Jason Goodman was the first to float this thought, and it made some sense. Maybe, instead of a golden parachute, or cushy job on Wall Street or at a prime law firm, the Deep State is just paying out untraceable, cold hard cash through GoFundMe. Who says those 10,000 donors to Strzok are real? Maybe they’re Shadow Gov’t bots, passing along their digital attaboys, for faithful soldiers, who obstructed, obfuscated, and obliterated the rule of law for as long as they could.

The bot theory, if true, would ease my mind a bit really. Better than tens of thousands of Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, pulling out their credit cards for these criminals.