Space Force Apparel

Space Force Apparel: Celebrate the 6th Branch of the US Military

It’s unbelievable that I’m highlighting United States Space Force apparel, and that it is a legit branch of the U.S. military.

Can you believe it? What a wondrous time we’re living in.

Space Force Tees

There are quite a few great Space Force T Shirt designs popping up with many creative designs. It will be very interesting to see the final approved logo of the force.

Space Force Caps

Adorn your head with the best Space Force Hat designs.

Space Force Patch

Space Force Patch (PVC -Rubber)

Make sure everybody sees that you believe in the USSF by wearing your heart and this Space Force Patch on your sleeve.

The Big Space Force News

On June 18, 2018 President Donald Trump announced the sixth military branch of the United States: Space Force.

He directed the Department of Defense to immediately begin work on developing the Space Force to oversee missions and operations in space.

A flood of thoughts, questions, and fears flooded my mind when I heard this announcement. What the hell do we need a Space Force (USSF) for?

Well, I tell you it’s gotta be serious because Mick Mulvaney ain’t signing off on any old Space Force line item.

Space Force Logo Not Decided Yet: Emblem Put Up For Vote

Let me re-iterate, none of these items feature the actual logo but it hasn’t been chosen yet. They did put out a poll to help them decide what the logo should be. You know you’re in the 21st Century when the government is crowdsourcing its insignia development for the 6th branch of the military: Space Force!!!!

Space Force Logo Ideas

I really can’t get over how cool this is. And it’s totally official: here’s the White House Fact Sheet.

Vector Logos in Space Programs

If you start going deep in alien research, you start to discover some crazy stuff. It’s hard for me to believe that aliens have never visited Earth at this point.

Anyway, there’s a reason that a lot of space programs across the globe have that twisty V vector in their insignia. Some say the International Space Station has pictures of a V shaped UFO flying around.

Others say to travel through space requires some special vector force through the time space continuum, and it’s at this point I must admit, I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Why Space Force?

Any time you put out a big hairy technology goal, like having a Space Force in working order by 2020, you’re going to have advances in technology. This is expensive but ultimately turns into very useful features in consumer products.

A corollary is the race cars. They’re always coming up with more efficient, faster designs, which end up trickling down into every day family cars.

But, this is just a side benefit. I think there are four major reasons to launch a space force.

  1. National pride. Just like in July 1969 when the United States was the first to reach the moon, after JFK made it a high priority. The U.S. would again be proud if we were the first to have a person walk on Mars.
  2. Be prepared. Who knows what Donald Trump learned the day he walked into his gig at the Oval Office. I’m sure there’s a vault with all the top secret stuff that freaks you out. They might be preparing to engage with alien forces.
  3. And they might be preparing to combat Earth enemies planning on using space technology like satellites and EMPs.
  4. And they might want to have the capability to blast an asteroid that gets a little too close for comfort.